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Another busy week

As some of you may know the store in Skerries has been shut this week due to renovations. The good news is we are well under way and very excited to see the finished result.
There should only be a couple more weeks of work ahead before you get to see the final look.
Back to Eile.. So last week we had weddings to a tea in Ennis. What a success!
The girls couldn’t believe how successful the whole event was for everyone. Planning your wedding is such an exciting time for the whole family!
That time of year is creeping up on us again.. Valentines!!
Ohhhh we can’t wait.
We have the perfect gifts for all you men buying for your girlfriends/wives. Pop into any of our stores and I’m sure one of our girls will find exactly what you are looking for.
Nothing beats a piece of jewellery on a special day like that.
I’m still working hard on some new designs for our summer 2017 collection. I’ve some really nice pieces that I will show you all in time.
Has anyone been watching Masterchef Ireland? I’m obsessed!! The gorgeous Holly Carpenter wore our very own birds necklace. She looked fab in it.  But then again I think she looks great in anything. She wore the birds necklace.. It’s a real show stopper.. Great for all occasions!
Over the next week I will be in Skerries working hard on the finishing touches for the shop. Skerries is a little gem of a place and I can’t wait until our store is finished.  
Love Maureen xx
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